Sonntag, 24. November 2013

Review of CoffeScript Application Development book

CoffeeScript Application Development, the book I read lately, helped me to take overall look at the language I have recently used on a number of projects. Like many books about programming languages it is also divided into chapters which follow you from the very beginning — tools installation and basic syntax to more advanced topics like classes and asynchronous operations. The book also covers such things as debugging, using the language for server-side development and adopting it for usage with different JS-frameworks.

Each topic of a book goes with a number of examples clearly showing how to use specific CoffeeScript features and what code will look like after compilation into JavaScript. The only thing I found ineffective is a way how author presented the example application. Its progress was mixed within the material treatment. For me as a person who read a book without immediate trying and following examples by hand it has been difficult to get a sense of this examples. I would rather move this example application into separate appendix and make cross-links on related topics. Thus the material treatment could be more consistent and at the same time the example application could be more readable and perceptive.

I would definitely recommend this book for reading people who find annoying such things in JS as checking curly braces parenthesis, frequently testing variables on existence and maintaining code written using different code conventions.

After reading I have got obvious feeling that CoffeeScript makes code much clearer and understandable allowing to explain things in a very concise way in comparison with bare JavaScript and as the result it makes code better maintainable. As soon as ease of maintainability is one of the corner stones of software development in modern realities the profit from usage CoffeeScript excessively covers spending time on its learning and getting on usage.

You can find this book on the following link

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